Conferences & exhibitions

— Communication of A+B artistic approach and results of workshop Faire famille in symposium Family Matters, organized by Saul Pandelakis and Irene Dunyach, university Jean Jaurès, Toulouse
— Communication Social sciences analytics methods in design projects, in symposium Work through the prism of design and social sciences, sous la direction d'Anthony Masure, Anne-Lyse Renon et Caroline Datchary, Université Jean Jaurès, Toulouse
— Co-direction of studio day Re-form supermarket, organisé par l'isdaT et le Master DTCT, Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès
— Exposition D’ici de là, gallery Croix-Baragnon, Toulouse
— Communication, "The experience of the first order" Lycée des Arenes, December 2015, Toulouse, France
— Exposition of Charybde, Milano Makers, Sharing Design, Fuorisalone avec le collectif Ultra Ordinaire, Milan
— Exhibition of Achille project and communication on the designer/company relationship, as part of the event « Design : l'Exp(l)osition » organised by the Designers Federation of Midi-Pyrénées, Southern Center of the Architecture and the City, Toulouse, France
— Communication « Parcours de designer », Lieu du design, Paris
— Communication « Course completion, Early career», ISDAT, Toulouse, France
— Communication « The Racines project », Study Day Theater and Health, organised by the LLA laboratory, University Toulouse II, Toulouse, France
— Communication Design et Innovation, ENSA Limoges
— Conference Imaginaries of the cabin, micro-architecture and macro-object, brainstorming workshop, Rethink the extension of the nowadays habitat, Criso platform, University Toulouse II, Toulouse, France
— Conference at the Designers Federation of Midi-Pyrénées, Toulouse, France
— Conference Itinerary of the designer, Lieu du design, Paris, France
— Exhibition A+B editions, Les Musicophages galery, november, Toulouse, France
— Conference Design and Territories, the experience of the project Ciels Domestiques, global design of a canteen, with La Cuisine, Lieu du Design, 5 june 2012, Paris, France
— Exhibition Des designers, Salon de l'Habitat, 3 au 7 octobre 2012, Toulouse, France
— Exhibition « Mirar con el estomago y comer por los ojos », mirrors Reflections, unique pieces, Gallery Madame La Marquise, 25 septembre-6 octobre 2012, Barcelona, Spain
— Exhibition of mirrors, Index of Design galery, Chic Art Fair, Paris
— Exhibition, Hefel door handle, Sotralu society, Batimat trade fair, Paris, France
— Exhibition of mirrors, Index of Design galery, Rendez-vous @ Seoul, Seoul, South Korea
— Conference at the National Higher College of Decorative Arts (ENSAD), Paris, France
— Exhibition of the project Ciels Domestiques, Art and Archeology Museum in Périgueux, France
— International exhibition Design Parade 05, Villa Noailles, Hyères, France
— Exhibition, Achille door handle, Sotralu society, Batimat trade fair, Paris, France
— Conference, In dialogue we trust, international convention, Stuttgart, Germany
— Exhibition Broadband /Bandwidth, with Pierre Vanni, Nuits Sonores festival, Lyon, France
— Exhibition Ciels Domestiques, Center of Art and Design, La Cuisine, Nègrepelisse, France
— Exhibition, Déjeuner sur l’ombre furniture, International Biennial of Saint Etienne, France
— Exhibition of untitled project, Designers Days, Nespresso, Champs Elysées, Paris, France
— Exhibition of untitled project, the Milan Furniture Show, Milan, Italy
— Exhibition Déjeuner sur l’ombre, Belgian pavilion in the Milan Furniture Show, Milan, Italy