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Global design studios of the new university residence Ponsan Bellevue consisted in a comprehensive reflection on management of interior space, different functions, uses and furnishings, lighting and aesthetics for all types of habitat: individual studio (16m2), studio for people with limited mobility (18 m2), family studio (28m2). In consultation with the architects of the project, we proposed a different typology from that of the cell or flat miniaturized by designing a space able to be reclassified according to the uses. As the backbone of the interior design, we designed a furniture articulating the main functions (cooking / work / receive / rest ...) and releasing living space. Our approach promoted lasting and honest materials as well as openness and flexibility to avoid "retractable" or over-specialized. Beyond the technical aspect, the goal was the sustainability of the design in terms of uses and aesthetics, its adaptability to different lifestyles, cultures and personalities of the students.

Tripli wooden panels, coated steel

2014 - 2015
Global design, studios of the CROUS university residence Ponsan Bellevue, architectural design by PPA/Scalene/AFA, Toulouse (31)


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The design of server CTRL is continuity of the approach engaged with the computer Alt. 
The bias of reusing the trunk of the computer echoes a desire for economy of industrial resources, as well as material and energy implemented for its production. Both entity and core of the network, the server can be used alone or clustered in multiple configurations: wall hanging, storage in a rack, stack or alignment.Adaptability of installation and possibility of dividing the servers solves a major cause of energy expenditure that is cooling the heat generated by this type of material.

aluminium, electronic components,
l. 35 x p.10 x h.26cm

Eco-designed server, society META IT, Bordeaux (33) / Bidart (64,


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The principle of handle Hefel is to cultivate industrial logic as well as industrial poetry, as a design approach based on common sense, simplicity and economical posture. The object, designed in one piece obtained by molding, reduces the means of production and assembly, as well as mounting operations for final user. The design is both defined by this syncretic logic, and by the formal evolution of aluminium profiles. The project also includes a new interpretation of hood of lock, completing then the Hefel range.

aluminium alloy
l. 2,8 × h. 24,8 × p. 5,7 cm

2011 - 2012
Draft sliding aluminum handle, company Sotralu, Muret (31)