Metronome DS

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The DS Metronome Technology project is about creating a full range of Hi-Fi devices for an audiophile audience. The Metronome Technology Company is designing and manufacturing by hand all the material to ensure highest quality of sound.The range includes a player, a server, a converter, a power supply and a remote control designed like a system. Also, each device must make its function readable in the sound production chain. The project's approach has been to give a sensitive face to an electronic technology. A singular piano keyboard device for controlling the devices engages a gesture that reconnects to the touch of an analog musical instrument. Another major challenge lies in the production scenario in which 90% of the parts produced are common to all types of devices. The overall structure is designed as a chassis on which specific parts are placed according to the nature and role of the device in the range. The economic approach of the design articulates an optimization of the processes with the qualities of an artisanal manufacture.

Chassis and aluminum parts.

2018, Digital Sharing range for Métronome Technologie, Montans (81)

Olympes de Gouges

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Global design studios of the new university residence Ponsan Bellevue consisted in a comprehensive reflection on management of interior space, different functions, uses and furnishings, lighting and aesthetics for all types of habitat: individual studio (16m2), studio for people with limited mobility (18 m2), family studio (28m2). In consultation with the architects of the project, we proposed a different typology from that of the cell or flat miniaturized by designing a space able to be reclassified according to the uses. As the backbone of the interior design, we designed a furniture articulating the main functions (cooking / work / receive / rest ...) and releasing living space. Our approach promoted lasting and honest materials as well as openness and flexibility to avoid "retractable" or over-specialized. Beyond the technical aspect, the goal was the sustainability of the design in terms of uses and aesthetics, its adaptability to different lifestyles, cultures and personalities of the students.

Tripli wooden panels, coated steel

2015 - 2016
Global design, studios of the CROUS university residence Olympes de Gouges, architectural design by PPA/Scalene/AFA, Toulouse (31)


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The series of Mirrors reflects a search of industrial poetry when a meaning relationship is created between intent, reduction of means and process, and artefact. Made from sheet steel polished until obtaining a perfect reflection, the Miroirs series revisits in a poetic and contemporary way, shape and ancient production process of mirror. Once cut and folded in half with care reflection as property of a surface turns into object : mirrors can be hung like linen, but also be moved for use as mirrors to ask.

Cut and folded mirror polished steel
variable dimensions l.20 to 28cm, h.20 to 35cm, p. 6 to 8cm

2009 - 2010
Mirrors, sets of 4 formats, project Skies Domestic, Nègrepelisse