Textile Museum

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For the Museum of Textile and Decorative Arts of Lyon, we designed a signage furniture system that allows to guide and inform the visitors in the museum. The moiré patterns of the suspended canvases create plays of light and movement that animate the visitors journey. We have proposed mobile furniture to renew the exhibition routes regularly. They are made up of 3 elements: a steel structure, pieces of fabric and pieces of wood which are information carriers. All of these elements can be combined and removed to support the change in the content of the exhibitions.

2019, Signage furniture system for the Museum of Textile and Decorative Arts, Lyon

En Pleine Nature restaurant

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The project for the En Pleine Nature restaurant consisted of a renovation, a restructuring of the spaces and an extension of the restaurant.
The nature as it is staged in the kitchen of the chef Sylvain Joffre is expressed in the power of contrasts: the obscure stages the luminous, the mineral makes bursting the plant, the brutality wakes the finesse. These guidelines have guided the choice of materials and space treatment. The soil is of particular importance: we wanted to strengthen the physical anchoring of the place by drawing a continuous and unique mineral base for the interior and exterior spaces of the restaurant. The furnishings were made in a burned resinous wood and solid oak. The focus was on factory spaces: the open kitchen in the dining room, the office in the heart of the atrium. As an extension of the work of the spaces, we have designed objects - vases and table objects, wall supports - that allow variations and accompany the seasonal movements of the kitchen of the chef Joffre: flowers and other fragments gleaned in the forest or the kitchen garden. animate and echo the contents of the plates.

Total surface 476 m2
Project in collaboration with BCA architecture

2017, Global design, Sylvain Joffre restaurant, Quint-Fonsegrives (31), France

Bras Boutique

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The design of the Bras boutique in the heart of the village of Laguiole extends the spirit of the Suquet house. The boutique presents condiments, drinks, knives and tableware designed by chefs Sébastien and Michel Bras.
Design, lighting and materials choices, as well as container and clear labeling work, enhance the color and texture nuances of the raw product. A set of tasting objects has also been designed to taste the various salty and sweet preparations.

Materials: Ash, granite, sandblasted glass.
15m2 sales area
9m2 back room
Site monitoring in collaboration with BCA architecture

2017, Global design, Bras boutique, Laguiole (12)