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The series of Mirrors reflects a search of industrial poetry when a meaning relationship is created between intent, reduction of means and process, and artefact. Made from sheet steel polished until obtaining a perfect reflection, the Miroirs series revisits in a poetic and contemporary way, shape and ancient production process of mirror. Once cut and folded in half with care reflection as property of a surface turns into object : mirrors can be hung like linen, but also be moved for use as mirrors to ask.

Cut and folded mirror polished steel
variable dimensions l.20 to 28cm, h.20 to 35cm, p. 6 to 8cm

2009 - 2010
Mirrors, sets of 4 formats, project Skies Domestic, Nègrepelisse


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The Achille project is a reflection on the handle as tool. The movement of unlocking the lock comes with the gesture of opening of the bay, thus making the handle be an interface between the hand and coulissant. The state locked or unlocked of the bay becomes visible by the position change of handle. Its modular principle and its assembling solution of the 5 constituent parts, provide a multitude of variations of shapes, sizes and materials.

aluminium alloy and various material for handle (wood, steel...), l.8,8cm x ép.2,7cm x h.21cm minimum (variable height)

2009 - 2010
Draft sliding aluminum handle, company Sotralu, Muret (31)


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We can’t draw objects and look at them without referring to the ambiguity of the sensitive and metaphysic relationship that some of them have with us. Orwell recalls that pair of shoes ever brought to the shoemaker and that we shine regularly at the same time when our foot and shoe are inspired by the other to take shape. It is suitable for the beauty and quality of its materials for maintenance and cares, moving from object status to that of domestic animal, daily companion. This armchair is a pretext for the establishment of rituals and a more intimate proximity between object and subject. Simplified and reduced to essentials, it’s actually composed of two autonomous elements: one skeleton and one skin that can rid itself easily, allowing so to replace it or invent other uses. Due to an overhanging structure, the skeleton is as flexible as the leather is soft, allowing to the armchair a gentle swinging.

Steel, leather, l.83cm x h.100cm x p.72cm

Armchair, Public Prize, Design Parade 05, personnel work