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The principle of handle Hefel is to cultivate industrial logic as well as industrial poetry, as a design approach based on common sense, simplicity and economical posture. The object, designed in one piece obtained by molding, reduces the means of production and assembly, as well as mounting operations for final user. The design is both defined by this syncretic logic, and by the formal evolution of aluminium profiles. The project also includes a new interpretation of hood of lock, completing then the Hefel range.

aluminium alloy
l. 2,8 × h. 24,8 × p. 5,7 cm

2011 - 2012
Draft sliding aluminum handle, company Sotralu, Muret (31)


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ALT project is part of a global work of research and development and art direction for the company META IT, expert in eco-design computing. The computer ALT is the expression of a quest for simplicity and economy of means into High Technology. ALT is eco-designed in that at all times in its development, from idea to final completion of the object, design is the means and the solution of a smart approach for industrial choices as well as resolution of ergonomic and use issues and energy saving (27 watts in use). More than that, design is a component of economic and industrial model of society META IT, it materializes its social and cultural values. The attention to environmental impact of production also involves seeking of reduction to the essentials: the computer ALT consists only of four pieces of aluminum, five electronic components and connections. Design of the"leg" is its paradigm since it requires only two pieces when the conventional require a dozen.

Aluminium, electronic components, l;38cm x p.16cm x h.30cm

2010 - 2012
Eco-designed computer, society META IT, Bordeaux - Bidart (64)


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The showroom 8 is a place dedicated for the presentation of new clothing. Subjected to intense activity as well as seasonal rhythms, the place underwent many changes aspects and uses. Simultaneously place to live, showroom and storage space, we had to imagine a functional layout while a global identity for the site. We designed a system of objects and a partition system allowing its occupants to change and evolve the space. Acting as drawing tools, Angle Plates, Trestles and Skeleton allow both to present the clothes, draw walls, corridors and rooms, but also to structure the place like a landscape.

250m2 Pine, steel, polycarbonate panels

Global design of a clothing showroom, Toulouse (31)