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As part of the DAFTEH project, it was proposed that we design a set of objects for dramathérapeute occurring in hospitals. All items had to adapt to a variety of therapeutic devices and allow to "create" the conditions and the territoriality of the playing space in non-dedicated places, and reduced time intervals. We then proposed to draw a family of objects that are neither symbols or signs; artifacts, unspecified things in a function or use and that could endlessly combine them such a grammar of forms, textures, materials. Borrowing from theatrical vocabulary and elementary geometric forms, Racines are generic objects, almost abstract, awaiting interpretative manipulations. Thus we propose to take advantage of this imaginative capacity of children when playing with a stick, they imagine a fishing rod, a rifle, a magic wand. Racines then form a system of tools for narration, simple starting points, some "Looks like...” objects.

Research project, DAFTEH, pre-project phase, LLA Laboratory, University Jean Jaurès, Toulouse (31)


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The design of server CTRL is continuity of the approach engaged with the computer Alt. 
The bias of reusing the trunk of the computer echoes a desire for economy of industrial resources, as well as material and energy implemented for its production. Both entity and core of the network, the server can be used alone or clustered in multiple configurations: wall hanging, storage in a rack, stack or alignment.Adaptability of installation and possibility of dividing the servers solves a major cause of energy expenditure that is cooling the heat generated by this type of material.

aluminium, electronic components,
l. 35 x p.10 x h.26cm

Eco-designed server, society META IT, Bordeaux (33) / Bidart (64,