Furniture Le Suquet

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In line with the basic intentions of the project, the furniture objects made for the restaurant, the Suquet, are inspired by their design, their use and their shape, the intelligence and humility of the peasant culture.

2015, Furniture for restaurant Bras Le Suquet, Laguiole, (12)

Table objects Le Suquet

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All of the objects presented were created as part of the overall design project for Bras Restaurant Le Suquet. The corporeality of the objects is based on the presence of the material and the sobriety of the design. They compose a setting of table that accompanies the meeting between the mineral and the living, the landscape and the kitchen.

2016, Table objects for restaurant Bras Le Suquet, Laguiole (12)

Restaurant Bras Le Suquet

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The design project of the three-star restaurant Le Suquet of the Bras family in Laguiole involved to design and to redraw several existing buildings. In particular, there were the dining room and all objects linked with these spaces. We imagined about twenty typologies of objects, from exterior signage to table settings. We designed the tableware, the knives, the armchairs, the whole furniture and the uniforms of waiters, among other thing. Our positioning was placed in compliance, continuity and development of what makes the identity of the Bras House. We wanted to extend by objects, furniture and space, the understanding and the sensitivity of the Bras family with the land of Aubrac. So our interventions have been thought as a bridge placed between two leak points. Everything starting from landscape to reach the plate. This approach is made as an image of the culture and people of the lands, and intentions and emotions transmitted by the kitchen of Michel and Sébastien Bras. We wanted to accompany and translate these values by objects marked by simplicity and franchise. Silent sometimes taciturn , but delicate in the implementation of materials, design details and the proposed uses. Spaces and objects that require memory, both simple , sober and comforting.

2014 - 2016
Global design, restaurant Bras, Laguiole, France