Knife Halle aux grains

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The simplest, most modest expression of the knife object could be defined as a cutting edge - a blade - to which would be added the possibility for the hand - a handle - to grasp it without being bruised.
Abandoning abundance and chatter, the knife object by its reduction to a cutting edge, demands on the contrary a certain silence, a certain restraint.
We wanted to keep any expression of technical sophistication at bay while confronting the extreme complexity of the simple; we sought this reduction until the form, the structural principle and the implementation meet, such that this knife is intelligible by all, such as one could manufacture it or repair it in the workshop behind the house .
We would like the knife, intimate companion of the meal, to extend the imagination of the place, towards the country of Aubrac and the peasant cosmos; that of a humble, modest existence, set back, where grace is woven into a just relationship between earth and heaven.

Stainless steel and nickel silver, manufactured by Forges de Laguiole

2020, knife for chief Bras restaurant Halle aux grains, Bourse du Commerce, Paris